Send a Workshop Proposal

We are inviting proposals for workshops that cover a range of topics aimed at improving reading success and community literacy outcomes. Proposal deadline is extended to June 25.


Save the Date: Oct. 1 – 2

Our inaugural symposium is a two- day virtual conference breaking down barriers, highlighting best practices, and elevating local solutions.

Who’s Invited?

Educators, non-profit providers, community leaders, and parents are encouraged to attend.

Keynote Speaker

Announced Soon.

The Impact:
Community Literacy

  • Professionalizing the Field, Elevating Educators
  • Elevating professionals and giving visibility to the field.
  • Deepening Practice and Implementing Learning
  • Supporting practice throughout the year through our existing, highly engaged Literacy Coalition
  • Bridging Learning from the Classroom and Beyond
  • Aligning and linking learning across a literacy continuum with a literacy focus.
  • Deepening community commitment and practice of strengthening literacy as a tool for equity and driver of change.

Local Solutions

Designed with an advisory group of local stakeholders and educators


Teachers and community-based educators learning together in service of students

Grounded in Practice

Practitioner focused, practitioner taught

Equity Centered

Program designed around students and communities served.