Welcome to LitMap!

This project is a joint effort between the Oakland Literacy Coalition, Oakland Unified School District, and Rogers Family Foundation, with the goal of mapping literacy resources across the city of Oakland. Our hope is that LitMap will be used by school leaders and decision-makers, teachers, partner organizations, and community members, to get a better sense of the literacy service providers available to best serve our students and families.

The dashboard features detailed community partner profiles, school profiles, and interactive mapping tools that can be used to access data on OUSD child development centers, OUSD elementary schools, Oakland charter elementary schools, and community partner literacy providers. Litmap currently includes 2017-18 data.

The Coalition has also created a downloadable booklet (updated September 2018) with information about Oakland’s literacy providers.

Helpful Tips

In the bottom right corner of the dashboard you’ll find links to share, download, and view the dashboard in full screen. We recommend using the dashboard in full screen view for easier navigation.

When viewing a map, use the menu that appears in the top right corner of the map to zoom in and out and re-center the map by clicking the home icon.

When using the Customize Your School List, you can download by clicking into the chart and then selecting “Download Crosstab” from the download icon in the bottom right corner. Sheets with more than 16 columns may not download properly.

Send Us Your Feedback

We hope you find this to be useful! It’s also a living tool that will be updated as new data becomes available and we hear back from partners on ways it could better serve your needs. To that end, we’ve created a brief feedback form to collect your input, comments, and questions.

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