Welcome to the Library Access Map!

The purpose of the Library Access Map is to visually represent the status of Oakland Unified School District libraries. There are multiple models of library services in OUSD and schools are able to use district resources strategically to meet their unique needs.

The Library Access Map was developed in collaboration with the district’s Library Leadership Team. Data alone cannot describe a library; the best way to learn about a library is to visit the library, see the library staff in action, and talk with the kids about all the books they love to read. Teachers, leaders, and other site staff can also help explain the value of their school library. Each librarian is different, just like each classroom teacher; but they all do some similar things.

School libraries are a key component of building student literacy from kindergarten all the way to 12th grade. Teachers instruct students so they can learn to read and then read to learn. To learn anything well, the learner must practice diligently and substantially. To become a strong reader, students need to learn the skills of decoding and comprehension; and they must have the opportunity and motivation to practice those skills. That is how they build their reading muscle. School libraries are the one place in the school that can offer something appealing for practice for just about every kid.

Three KPIs for this dashboard:

  1. Library Access: This category describes whether students have access to the library during the school day. Libraries that are fully open with paid staff are listed as open. Libraries that are fully closed to student use are listed as closed. Some libraries offer limited access due to being volunteer-run or very minimally staffed, or are reopening soon.
  2. Paid staff in library: Most open libraries are run by paid staff members, but some libraries are volunteer-run or volunteer supported.
  3. Primary staff funding source: In OUSD, school library staff are paid in two main ways. Most staff members are paid through funding from the school district. The other way staff are paid is by donations collected by the Parent-Teacher Associations (PTAs) at the schools. Most schools that raise PTA funds to pay for a library staff person do not receive enough district library funding to pay a full-time staff salary.

Need more information? Refer to The Model School Library Standards for California Public Schools at https://www.cde.ca.gov/be/st/ss/documents/librarystandards.pdf

Have feedback? More questions? Contact email address in case of any feedback or questions: Leigh@OaklandLiteracyCoalition.org 

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