The OLC's work towards our mission is guided by our beliefs:

  • Literacy enables learning and liberation.

    Allowing children to become powerful advocates for themselves, their communities, and their world.

  • Families are powerful agents of change.

    Families want what’s best for their children and have many different assets. Families deserve strong allies to support their children’s learning.

  • All kids can learn, succeed, and thrive.

    With strong instruction, caring adults, and opportunities that affirm who they are and respond to their needs.


  • Our collective success depends on one another.

    And how we work in authentic and sustained partnership as a community.

And rooted in our core values:

  • Equity

    All students and families deserve the support they need to learn and access their civil right to literacy. We center the needs of students who are furthest from power and opportunity.

  • Anti-Racism

    The literacy crisis in Oakland is rooted in structural and systemic racism and is itself a form of racial violence. Fulfilling our mission requires naming, confronting, and dismantling racism.

  • Strengths-Based

    We value the assets, aspirations, power, and potential of our students and community. We know our community holds our own solutions and has the power to achieve them.

  • Community

    We are more effective when we work together. And it’s necessary to truly create the conditions for all kids in Oakland to succeed.

  • Relationships

    Authentic relationships drive progress. We work to build the trust that allows for honest conversation and accountability

  • Learning

    We serve from a place of continuous learning, listening and responsiveness to students and families and our network of organizations and partners.

  • Expertise

    In our commitment to outcomes, we are rigorous about identifying and elevating effective practices to drive student learning.

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