Supporting our Community this June


OLC Endorses Measures A & D

Oakland is facing a critical choice.  On June 5th, we will have an opportunity to dramatically impact the lives of Oakland children and families and support our most valued community resources.  We are proud to share more about our endorsements of Measure A and D.  We ask you to join us in saying yes to a bright future for Oakland.


Measure A:  Care for Our Children

With thousands of children across Alameda County on waitlists for childcare and preschool – we are facing a childcare crisis.  The high cost of childcare (nearly the cost of a year at UC Berkeley) is forcing families to make impossible choices: work two jobs, leave the workforce completely, or depend on poor quality childcare.

Research shows that a child’s brain develops most dramatically during the first five years of life – yet over 43% of Oakland children are not fully prepared to start Kindergarten when they arrive, due in a large part to the lack of quality early childhood education options available to them.

Children need safe, quality childcare programs and preschool options.  Measure A will help close the kindergarten readiness gap, improve livelihoods of childcare workers, and help lift up families.

Through a half cent sales tax with taxpayer protections, will generate approximately 140 million dollars to:

  • Expand access to childcare and preschool for low- and middle-income families
  • Help homeless and at-risk children, and help prevent child abuse and neglect
  • Provide safe, affordable, quality childcare
  • Attract and retain quality childcare workers and increase wages
  • Add thousands of spaces for childcare at locations throughout the county.

It’s not too late to get involved!  Volunteer with Measure A this Saturday through Tuesday.

Measure A is good for Oakland.


Measure D for Oakland Libraries

Our libraries are more than warehouses of books.  They are meeting places for all Oaklanders–providing a safe space all.  They offer programs for children and youth, including playgroups and story time.  Our public libraries inspire us to learn, imagine, create, and gather together.

Without Measure D, our libraries face possible closure and cuts.

Measure D is a $75 parcel tax that would raise nearly $10 million annually to:

  • Prevent library closures and extend hours on evenings and weekends to better accommodate students and working families.
  • Provide safe places for children and teens after school.
  • Maintain youth reading programs and services to seniors.
  • Keep libraries safe and welcoming.
  • Provide literacy services for families and adults.

Our libraries have been there for us.  It’s time to show them some love.




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