OLC Winter Literacy Forum


An interactive forum on literacy in Oakland with the OLC
Wednesday, January 27, 10:00 – 11:45am

This winter, the Oakland Unified School District is rolling out their strategic focus on literacy.  The district is also in the process of piloting and choosing a new English Language Arts curriculum.  This critical move and moment can bring us closer to, or further from student reading success.

In any large-scale initiative, success is more than the sum of its parts. As OUSD prepares to launch it’s new strategy and efforts aimed around dramatically improving literacy outcomes, we invite you to join our forum to inquire, examine, and voice:

  • What has been missing from past efforts? 
  • What needs to happen differently? 
  • What does our community want to say about this effort moving forward?

We’ll be joined by OUSD’s Romy Trigg-Smith and Mike Ray who will share important highlights on the Rooted in Reading initiative and what they see as the biggest opportunities to realize reading success for all Oakland students.

Whether you are an educator working directly with students, support families, are a parent yourself, or provide support or resources to Oakland students, teachers, or schools in another way, this forum is designed to hear from you.

We will be spending the majority of this session in community dialogue–hearing from you!  The OLC will be sharing collective insights and recommendations following the forum.  Your voice is critical in how we craft and share our recommendations for strategy and curriculum implementation. 


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