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Our Goal

Increase third grade reading achievement to 85 percent by the year 2020

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Why Third Grade Reading?

Close achievement gaps, increase graduation rates, and break the cycle of poverty.

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Nothing is more basic, more essential, more foundational, and more important to a child’s success in life than the ability to read well.


Oakland Reads is a citywide campaign aimed at one of the most important predictors of school success
and high school graduation: reading achievement by the end of third grade.


The campaign, spearheaded by the Oakland Literacy Coalition, combines the strength of Oakland families, schools,
and community partners all committed to the reading success of the city’s youngest learners.

Our Vision

Oakland Reads launched in 2012 with an ambitious goal. To dramatically increase the
percentage of third graders reading proficiently to 85 percent by the year 2020.

What We Do

Oakland Reads mobilizes our community to help third graders to read at grade level.
We work to bring our community together – educators, parents, city officials,
advocates and volunteers – so that our kids are reading by third grade.

  • inform

    Build understanding of the importance of early literacy across the community and galvanize public will to support effective policy and investment.

  • engage

    Create opportunities for stakeholders and community members to take meaningful action to support
    early literacy.

  • connect

    Link students and families with books and literacy resources that bridge learning across school and home.


Achieving Reading Success Takes All Of Us


Parents and caregivers as their children’s first and most important teachers; schools providing effective instruction in safe and supportive learning environments; communities working together to expand opportunities and remove barriers
to learning through private and social sector services; volunteerism and civic engagement.


We invite you to join with us.

Reading achievement makes a difference in our community because it is essential
to a thriving, safe and productive city and it is what our children deserve.


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