A Member Network for Organizations Like Yours

Oakland’s dynamic landscape of non-profit, community based, and direct service providers serving Oakland children and families are at the heart of our work. That’s why we’ve created a Member Network to support organizations like yours.

The Oakland Literacy Coalition provides expanded opportunities for learning, collaboration, and advocacy. Through our Member Network, we offer specialized resources and opportunities to strengthen and sustain the work of our members.

Our Member Network invites non-profit, community based, and direct service organizations concerned with improving literacy, early learning, and educational outcomes for Oakland children and youth.

Annual Membership — $250

We’ve priced our membership to reflect our mission to support a diverse and thriving field of providers across the city. To ensure equitable access for smaller organizations, we offer a discounted fee of $100 for organizations with an annual operating budget under $200,000.

Limited hardship discounts are available in cases where truly needed, and are subject to the discretion of the Oakland Literacy Coalition.

Why Membership?

  • Learn

    * Specialized opportunities for workshops, convenings, and forums for learning and research.

    * Specialized opportunities for technical assistance, support, and learning.

    * Access to online resources for learning and resource sharing.

  • Collaborate

    * Member only opportunities to connect with organizations, system leaders, and funders.

    * Feature your organization in our online member directory.

    * Specialized access to volunteer trainings and resources.

    * Specialized access to online newsletter and opportunity to post and promote your work to our network of nearly 1000.

  • Champion

    * Be a part of our advocacy agenda!

    * Shape advocacy priorities and issues important to your mission.

    * Promote your organization virtually and in person.

Won’t you join us today?

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