Early Development Instrument Report Out, November 12


In November, we invited OUSD and Oakland Start and Strong to report on the latest findings of the Early Development Instrument (EDI), a community snapshot of kindergarten children’s well being. We talked about how the data was collected, how it can be used and most importantly, some of the findings and implications for literacy and social emotional skills, especially for english language learners. 

The meeting provided an opportunity to bring together our OLC community of literacy service providers, educational coaches, funders, community leaders and systems leaders for a rich discussion about how data can be used to effectively impact programming to best serve students. Equally important, we interrogated some of the limitations of the data and highlighted the importance of recognizing strengths as opposed to looking at a deficit approach. 

We put together this EDI Info Sheet with input from our discussion to help crystalize the information as an EDI summary at a glance and our response as a community. Check out the EDI Info Sheet, EDI Powerpoint and our working documents from the meeting guide for more information. For the full Early Development Instrument results, go to the EDI dashboard.

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