“Summer Matters” Campaign Helps Parents, Teachers and Communities Make Sure Summer is a Time for Learning and Enrichment


Submitted by: By Jennifer Peck, Co-Chair of the Summer Matters campaign and Executive Director of the Partnership for Children & Youth

With summer fast approaching, now is the time for parents, school districts and communities to partner on preventing students from falling prey to “summer learning loss” and support their learning, health and well-being during the all-important summer learning months.

There is extensive research documenting the epidemic of “summer learning loss” – a loss in academic skills and knowledge during the summer months that sets students back academically – as well as important new data about summer learning solutions that shine a bright light on the vital importance of summertime learning to students’ educational achievement.

A brand-new report, Summer Matters: How Summer Learning Strengthens Students’ Success, is the first-ever study in California that examines the extent to which students who attend high quality, academically, socially and physically enriching summer learning programs improve their social skills, academic skills, work habits and attitudes, and overall readiness to learn.

The report evaluated students taking part in summer learning programs in Fresno (Central Enrichment Summer Adventures), Los Angeles (LA’s Best) and Sacramento (Summer of Service), and found both qualitative and quantitative data showing that these programs substantially increased students’ academic and socials skills, and improved their work habits and confidence in their abilities as learners.

Among the report’s many encouraging findings,students who participated in these summer learning programs improved their grade-level vocabulary skills, boosted their confidence and interest in reading, and improved their reading ability and their attitude towards reading. Students who were English-language learners also demonstrated significant increases in their grade-level vocabulary skills.

Last but not least, students enhanced their social skills and relationships with educators and fellow students, and strengthened their ability to make new friends and get along with other children, all of which helped them make a smoother transition from elementary to middle school.
This is good news, not only for the Los Angeles, Sacramento and Fresno students who benefited so substantially from these standout summer learning programs, but for school districts and students all across California and all around the U.S.

That’s because this research shines a bright light on the fact that students need high quality learning year-round to thrive and that students benefit enormously from new experiences and opportunities – such as field trips and community service projects – that they do not have during the school year.
In addition to community-based summer learning programs, parents can do a great deal to support their children’s summertime learning at home. Parents are on the front line for preventing summer learning loss and they can do so with free and low-cost activities that are easy to plan and fun for their children.

To help, the Summer Matters campaign is pleased to provide parents with simple, yet effective resources to support their children’s learning, health and well-being both at home and in their local communities:

Six Signs of a Great Summer Learning Program – A six-point checklist to help parents identify quality summer learning opportunities for their children.

Five Ways to Keep Your Kids Learning All Summer Long – A five-point checklist of easy, effective and affordable ways that parents can keep their kids’ minds and bodies healthy and active during the critical summer learning months.

With some time, planning and creativity, parents, schools and communities can do wonders for their students by engaging them in meaningful activities that keep them mentally and physically fit, and ready to start the new school year with success.

To learn more about the Summer Matters campaign, please visit: summermatters2you.net.

Submitted by: By Jennifer Peck, Co-Chair of the Summer Matters campaign and Executive Director of the Partnership for Children & Youth


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