Pride Month Reading Guides


We are thrilled to partner with the Oakland Public Education Fund for the annual LGBTQ+ Literature Read-In – a week of celebrating and highlighting LGBTQ+ authors and illustrators in Oakland schools.

During the week of June 24, schools across Oakland will be hosting volunteer read-in, in celebration of Pride month.

In a city as diverse as Oakland, we know how critical it is to read and celebrate books by and about people of color as well as LGBTQ+ authors. Books are both windows and mirrors for students, allowing them a way to experience new things, people, and places; as well as a way to see themselves and their communities reflected back to them.

We spent the morning of June 27th at United Nation Child Development Center. In celebration of Pride month and of the read-in we participated in, we created reading guides for the four books we chose to read to students.

Check out our reading guides below for more information about each book and why we choose them for the Read-In!

Happy Pride Month!

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