Oakland Reads Toolkit for Families


Introducing Oakland Reads for families!

What is it?

The Oakland Reads website was created by the Oakland Literacy Coalition in partnership with OUSD to make the literacy academic milestones more accessible for families, caregivers, and out of school time providers. 

Oakland Reads helps parents gain a baseline understanding of the pillars of reading so that their teachers can partner with them more effectively. Grounded in the science of reading, the site helps break down jargon and common literacy concepts so parents and tutors can take some steps at home to support what students learn in the classroom. The site brings the academic milestones to life with short video explainers and hands-on activities that adults can do with children at home, in tutoring sessions, and more. 

How can I learn more, or share with families?

1. Share the introductory video


2. Share this digital flyer

Spanish digital flyer

3. Share or print this flyer with QR codes for the reading skill pages

Printable version

4. Use this slideshow in a literacy workshop

Workshop slides for families

5. Use this video in a literacy workshop

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