Oakland Reads Toolkit for Community Partners


Introducing Oakland Reads for community partners!

What is it?

The Oakland Reads website was created by the Oakland Literacy Coalition in partnership with OUSD to make the literacy academic milestones more accessible for families, caregivers, and out of school time providers. 

For tutors and expanded learning programs, Oakland Reads takes the guesswork out of finding appropriate decodable books and materials using similar strategies as they use in class. They can use the site to access read-alouds, or download decodable books that focus on particular letter sounds and see suggested activities. They can also point families to vetted resources about dyslexia and other learning differences.

How can I learn more, or share this information with program staff?

1. Download and share this digital flyer: Oakland Reads Community Partners Small Flyer

2. Share or print this flyer with QR codes for the reading skill pages: Oakland Reads QR Codes Flyer

3. Use this slideshow in a literacy training: OLC Intro Workshop Slides – Community Partners

4. Use this video in a literacy training:

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