Meet OLC Board Member Michelle Goldenberg


Michelle Goldenberg is often seen at OLC fundraisers, events, and book distributions, and has helped lead some of the Board’s fundraising efforts in the past year.

Michelle grew up in a bilingual household and has fond memories of being taught to read by her grandmother.

“One of my earliest memories was lying on the living room floor at my grandma’s apartment in Oakland, sounding out the words in “The Elves and the Shoemaker,” she told us. From early on Michelle realized that reading would immerse her in all kinds of new and exciting worlds.

“Reading as a child and into my teens made such a lasting impression on me and has shaped who I am today,” she said. Michelle believes that reading and literacy are the building blocks to creativity and critical thinking skills — both of which contribute to a child’s all-around success well into adulthood.

Michelle has been on the board for over a year and a half and believes it is time well spent.

“The board and staff members have a great rapport, and all want to see the children of Oakland succeed. It is such an inspiring group to be a part of – where everyone not only cares, but they are doing the actual work.”

Michelle works as an accountant in the film & television industry. She has proudly had the opportunity to work on a few Dreamworks Animation TV children’s shows for Netflix. She believes that to learn critical thinking through literacy and be able to apply this information in the larger media landscape is an important skill.

“It all starts with the children along with the support of family members, teachers, librarians, as well as the Oakland Literacy Coalition, which brings it all together here in the city of Oakland, said Michelle. “And I am proud to be a small part of this village.”

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