What is the Volunteer Training Series?

The Volunteer Training Series is an opportunity for new volunteers and recurring volunteers to attend workshops specific to volunteer training as well as live scan and Tuberculosis (TB) testing.

Who can participate in the Volunteer Training Series?

Volunteers that are directly coming through an organization that is part of our Member Network or through OUSD.

How do I know if I need a TB test and Live Scan fingerprinting?

TB testing and Live Scan fingerprinting are required for most volunteer roles where you will work directly with children. However, each organization (including Oakland Unified School District) has it’s own policies about what background checks and clearances are required for volunteers. You need to check directly with your volunteer program to find out what you need to do before you can participate as a volunteer.

How long is a TB test valid for?

TB testing is valid for 4 years, so if you have proof of a TB test from the past that is still valid you can use it for your new volunteer role.

OUSD and some other organizations have starting accepting a new TB Risk Assessment in lieu of a TB skin test. The TB Risk Assessment can be completed by a medical provider and will be valid for life.  Check with your Volunteer Coordinator to see if you can complete a TB Risk Assessment instead of a skin test. Click here to find more information about the TB Risk Assessment. TB Risk Assessments cannot be completed at our training.

What do I need to bring with me?

You must bring valid US government issued photo ID and complete a Request for Live Scan Service form for the organization where you will be doing your volunteer work. Please ask your program’s Volunteer Coordinator for a copy of this form. Please complete the form prior to attending the training and make a photocopy.

How does Live Scan fingerprinting work?

Live Scan fingerprinting is a one-step process that can be completed on either day of the Volunteer Training Series.

How do I get my records?

Results of Live Scan fingerprinting are confidential and can not be shared between agencies. If you have had fingerprinting done in the past for a different organization, you will need to do it again for each new organization where you volunteer.

The results of your Live Scan fingerprinting will be sent directly to your volunteer program via a secure email system within 3 weeks after our training. After the training, the Coalition will not maintain any records or have access to any information about who has participated and what their clearance status is. Check with your Volunteer Coordinator if you have questions about your status.

Live Scan fingerprinting is provided by an Oakland company called the Loss Prevention Group. The Coalition fundraises to cover the cost of Live Scan fingerprinting for literacy volunteers who attend our training.

How does tuberculosis (TB) testing work? 

IMPORTANT: If you ever had Tuberculosis or positive skin test for TB you will always have a positive TB skin test even if you have completed treatment. You should never get another PPD skin test. Repeat testing can cause a large, painful reaction at the injection site. If you cannot do a TB test at the OLC Volunteer Training Series, you will need to complete a different TB assessment process to be a volunteer. Please talk with your program’s Volunteer Coordinator about alternative options for completing the TB clearance.

The Volunteer Training Series offers on-site TB skin tests, provided by UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital. TB testing is a 2 day process that requires attendance on both days of the training. Nurses will be present on both days between 3:00-4:30. On the first day a nurse will give you an injection, and on the second day she will check your skin for a reaction. You should not receive an injection on the first day if you cannot come back on the second day. No injections will be given on the second day.

How do I submit my TB results?

When you complete your TB test will be given a paper that certifies your test result. You are responsible for keeping that form and submitting it to your Volunteer Coordinator. After the training, the OLC will not maintain any records or have access to any information about who has participated and what their TB status is.

Before you can complete your TB skin test, you will need to fill out a short questionnaire. Please click here to download the form and review it to make sure you are eligible. (Answers to all questions must be “no” in order to proceed.) We will have copies of the form at the training, but you can save time by printing it and filling it out in advance.

Do I need to come to both days of the training? 

Anyone who needs to complete a TB test must come to both days of the training. If you do not need a TB test, you are welcome to come on either or both days. We will provide different training workshops to help you in your volunteer role on both days.

We ask that you arrive on time so that you can hear important information and announcements at the start of our program. Wait times for TB test injections can be up to 90 minutes. Depending on attendance, wait times for Live Scan fingerprinting can be up to 2.5 hours. Details of the schedule will be announced closer to the Volunteer Training Series date.

I can’t attend the training. How else can I complete TB and/or fingerprinting clearances for my volunteer program?

We offer this program twice a year, once in September and once in January. If you cannot attend our program, you can find more information about free and low cost TB test providers along with Live Scan service providers in Oakland and the East Bay here. You may also be able to submit a TB Risk Assessment in lieu of a TB skin test. Check with your Volunteer Coordinator to see if they will accept a TB Risk Assessment.

I need TB and/or Live Scan fingerprinting so that I can start a job. Can I do them at your training?

No, this program is only intended to support the mobilization of literacy volunteers. We cannot provided our services for anyone who needs them for employment purposes.

I would like to volunteer in a city outside of Oakland. Can I come to the training to complete my TB test and/or fingerprinting?

No, this program is only intended to support the mobilization of volunteers in the city of Oakland. We cannot provided our services for anyone who will be working in a city other than Oakland.

I do not know where I want to volunteer. Can I come to the training?

This program is only intended to support individuals who have already signed up to volunteer with a participating literacy organization. If you would like to learn about literacy volunteer programs in Oakland, please click here.

Can I bring my child to the training?

Yes. We do not provide any formal onsite child care at our training, but you are welcome to bring your children with you as long as they remain under your supervision.

I can no longer attend the training. Can I give my registration to a friend?

No, you may not pass your registration to a friend because each attendee must be invited directly by their literacy program’s Volunteer Coordinator.

Who should I contact with any questions?

As each organization has its own policies, questions about your volunteer program and its requirements should go to your Volunteer Coordinator. The Coalition can only answer logistical questions about this event. If you have logistical questions, please contact 510-280-3547 or team@oaklandliteracycoalition.org.

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