May 2018

General Meeting


Agenda Highlights 

On Wednesday, May 23, 2018, over 50 community partners representing over 30 organizations met at Chapter 510 and the Department of Make Believe for the Spring Quarterly OLC Meeting.

Below are some highlights!


Advocacy Update on Measure A & the Oakland Children’s Initiative

Three representatives from the campaigns presented compelling background and data about why these measures are so important to the Oakland community.  


“Loved the policy/advocacy update! In my work – not many opportunities for this type of learning.  Extremely beneficial especially for representatives for the campaign to explain various parts.”


LitMap Update

Rinat Fried from OUSD unveiled the new LitMap, which is designed to help Oakland schools and external partners better collaborate with each other, and helps to make resources transparent and accessible to schools and community stakeholders.  The LitMap is fully searchable and features detailed community partner profiles, school profiles, and interactive mapping tools that can be used to access data on OUSD child development centers, OUSD elementary schools, Oakland charter elementary schools, and community partner literacy providers. Litmap currently includes 2017-18 data.

You can access the LitMap here.


Panel – Beyond Reading: Three approaches to literacy beyond the fundamentals

Lacy Asbill from Moving Forward Institute, Rebecca Haskell from Science is Elementary, and Janet Heller from Chapter 510 and the Department of Make Believe each presented about how their work builds literacy skills with students.  It was evident that although all three are very different organizations, literacy is a focus for each.

Lacy shared how social emotional learning is at the core of their curriculum, and that helping students connect with books on an emotional level enables them to engage with text in a more meaningful way, building skills and applying knowledge along the way.  Rebecca shared how student engagement is significantly high in science and how children’s fundamental curiosity lends itself well to science work, but that it’s imperative for students to be able to express what they learn and discover. Janet shared the process by which teaching artists collaborate with teachers in schools to help develop space for writing projects that align with their classroom curriculum.  

All three panelists expressed the importance of holding student experience and student engagement at the heart of their work, and the power of collaborating across disciplines in order to support students most effectively.

You can find more information about the organizations below.


“The Beyond Reading panel was extraordinary – made me really rethink the direction of our curriculum.”

“The panel discussion was great – awesome to learn more about how social/emotional learning and science is helpful with literacy”

“Great to hear from peer organizations in the panel! It helped fuel ideas for peer collaboration.”


OUSD Partnerships Update

Martin Young presented the process for partnering with OUSD, and the necessary steps needed to take in order for an organization to officially partner.  You can find more information from his presentation below.



Thank you to Chapter 510 and Janet Heller for hosting us in their one-of-a-kind writing space. For more information on renting their space for an event or meeting visit their website.

Thank you to Whole Foods Market for providing breakfast and lunch for the quarterly meeting.


Documents from May 2018 OLC General Meeting

January 2018

General Meeting


Agenda Highlights

On January 24, 2018, over 40 community partners joined the OLC for our Winter Quarterly Meeting.  We were joined by OUSD Board President, Aimee Eng, who shared about the current budget, considerations, and process.  We collected and shared feedback and concerns through group discussion and explored challenges and possibilities in the school year ahead.  We had rotating round table discussions that featured a peer speaker with an organizational highlight and practical example and a facilitated peer discussion.  

We also shared 2018 policy updates and opportunities.

  • Policy Update & Opportunity
    • Nina Lindsay, Oakland Public Library
    • Sanam Jorjani from Oakland Literacy Coalition
  • OUSD Budget Update & Group Discussion
    • Aimee Eng, Board President
  • Litmap Early Literacy Resources Dashboard
    • Cassie Perham, Oakland Literacy Coalition


Thank you to Whole Foods Market for providing breakfast for our quarterly meeting.

Documents from January 2018 OLC General Meeting

October 2017

General Meeting


Agenda Highlights

  • OLC Membership Overview and Q&A
  • Taproot Pro Bono services for members
    • Kate Effland & Andrew Mahoney, Taproot Foundation
  • Literacy Instruction & Support, OUSD
    • Nancy Lai, OUSD
  • Litmap Early Literacy Resources Dashboard
    • Cassie Perham, OLC
  • OLC Advocacy – Oakland Children’s Initiative
    • Sanam Jorjani, OLC


Documents from October 2017 OLC General Meeting

April 2017

General Meeting


Agenda Highlights

On April 19th, 40 network partners joined us for our April meeting focused on the early education landscape in Oakland.  In addition to our knowledgable expert speakers, OLC members were invited to share and network over a delicious lunch from El Gusano.  Thank you to all who joined us for another opportunity to learn, collaborate, and champion!  And a special guest to all special guest speakers.  We look forward to seeing you all in July for our Annual Summer Convening.  In the meantime, don’t forget to check our blog for the latest news and opportunities from the us and for community announcements and community job postings.


A Look at Early Childhood Education Issues, Initiatives, and Data

Malia Ramler and Andrea Youngdahl of Oakland Starting Smart and Strong shared how the initiative is working to develop a cross-sector, citywide, integrated, quality early childhood system.  OSSS is a ten-year initiative focused on creating universal access to high quality early learning opportunities and the promotion of healthy development for children 0-5.  The presentation focused on how Oakland is mobilizing cross-sector agencies to build systems and support, and how OSSS is serving as the early care and education collaborative for Oakland.

Community organizations interested in this 0-5 task force are invited to learn more by contacting Sarah Price at


A Look at the Preschool Experience of OUSD Kindergartners

Rinat Fried shared the new public “Preschool Experience Dashboard” for OUSD kindergarten students.  OUSDs recent inclusion of parent reported preK experience information as part of the enrollment application, revealed important data on how many children have had preschool.

“16% of OUSD kindergarten students had no preschool experience prior to enrolling in OUSD preK”

The dashboards include the type of preschool (head start, OUSD, private, day care, etc), as well as where they attended.  The dashboards also show feeder patters for kinder enrollment, allowing interested principals to understand where their students are coming from.

The dashboard is available via OUSDs community portal.


Supporting Early Learning in Oakland Discussion

Following both early education focused presentation, a discussion followed on how Oakland can message the importance of early education and preschool for all.

What does the public at large need to understand in order to support quality preschool for all Oakland children?

  • What is school readiness and how does it impact later learning?
  • How does investing in preschool benefit the city.
  • What does expanded preschool look like?  What do children gain?
  • What does the access gap to preschool look like and how does it impact families?
  • How is preschool different from other forms of child care?

How do we address these questions and build public will and support?

  • Create a grassroots, parent led campaign for preK
  • Craft messages for various stakeholders and decision makers, such as policy makers.

Some outstanding and thought provoking questions remain:

  • Is there a common understanding of school readiness?
  • Is there a common understanding of “quality”
  • In addition to increasing the number of available preK seats, how do we address the other barriers to preK access and enrollment?


“Done in A Day” Pro Bono Services with Taproot

Andrew Mahoney of the Taproot foundation shared their pro bono services for non-profits. The Oakland Literacy Coalition is working to secure a partnership with the Taproot Foundation to make their “Done in a Day” pro bono services available to OUSD organizations.  Please contact Andrew Mahoney at with any questions about how the Taproot Foundation might support your non-profit.


Documents from the Spring 2017 general meeting

January 2017

General Meeting

Agenda Highlights
The focus of this meeting is geared towards educators, practitioners and providers looking to develop and utilize read alouds to support children, classrooms, and families.
    • Alicia Maldonado, California State Lead, Campaign for Grade-Level Reading
    • Susan True, Director, Education Strategies and Ventures, Kenneth Rainin Foundation
    • Kyndal Hargrow, SEEDS Literacy Coach
    • Two Generation Approach To Literacy
    • Sue Pon, Director, Oakland Adult and Career Education, OUSD

Documents from the Winter 2017 Quarterly Meeting

October 2016

General Meeting

Agenda Highlights

  • Latest from OUSD Community Schools Student Services
    • Andrea Bustamante, Executive Director, Community Schools Student Services
  • OUSD Partnerships Updates
    • Martin Young, Partnerships Manager, Community School Partnerships
  • Facilitated Discussion with Family Engagement Liaisons on Site-Level Collaboration
    • OUSD Family Engagement Team
  • OUSD Literacy Partner Dashboard and Data Project
    • Rinat Fried, Research Associate, 0-8

Documents from the October 2016 General Meeting

April 2016

General Meeting

Agenda Highlights

  • Foundations & Practice in Family Engagement Panel
    • Raquel Jimenez, Oakland Unified School District
    • Teneh Weller, High Expectations Parental Service
    • Pecolia Manigo, Parent Leadership Action Network
    • Katy Nunez-Adler, Oakland Community Organization
  • Everyone 5K and 1/2 Marathon Fundraiser
    • Tom Huston, Founder & CEO

Documents from the April 2016 General Meeting

January 2016

General Meeting

Agenda Highlights

  • School District Support for Third Grade Reading
    • Devin Dillon, Chief Academic Officer, Oakland Unified School District
  • School District Data Tools and Data Work with Partners
    • Rinat Fried, Data Analyst, Oakland Unified School District

Documents from the January 2016 General Meeting

October 2015

General Meeting

Agenda Highlights

  • Oakland Fund for Children and Youth: 2016-2019 Strategic Plan Highlights
    • Mike Wetzel, Program Planner, Oakland Fund for Children & Youth
  • Oakland Unified School District Elementary Literacy Supports
    • Nancy Lai,TK-12 Language and Literacy Manager English, History, and Library Services, OUSD
    • Julie Bennett, K-5 Language and Literacy Coordinator, OUSD

Documents from the October 2015 General Meeting

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