The Coalition creates opportunities for literacy providers to learn, collaborate, and champion literacy in order to achieve more powerful impact together. Through our convening, capacity building, and community engagement services we strengthen the field of providers and anchor the literacy efforts to transform Oakland into a city of literacy.


Continuous Learning

We provide capacity building, professional learning, and best practice sharing for literacy providers.

We connect our members to field experts and leaders and convene peer learning opportunities to tap into the vast wealth of knowledge and expertise within the network.

Visit our Meeting Archives to access materials from past gatherings.

Information Hub

We serve as an online and in-person hub for up-to-date information from the field.

We connect practitioners and stakeholders to valuable information from the field to inform their work and facilitate communication among agencies leading literacy efforts in Oakland.


Coalition Building

We foster a robust and inclusive network of literacy providers, champions, advocates, and stakeholders.

We facilitate networking opportunities through our gatherings and events to forge connections, strengthen collaboration, and grow the literacy movement in Oakland. We seek out new community partners and encourage diverse stakeholders to get involved.


We have three membership circles to support and engage community partners. Join us!

Learn about our membership opportunities here!

Champion Literacy

Awareness Building & Advocacy

We call attention to urgent needs and opportunities for action to support literacy.

We build awareness within our community about the importance of literacy and lift up a unified voice to call for increased investment and action.

Take Action to Support Literacy

We create opportunities for community members and institutions to become active and engaged participants in building a literacy-rich city.

We spearhead the Oakland Reads campaign to increase awareness, investment, and action to support early literacy. Learn more.

We facilitate biannual Volunteer Training Series to remove barriers like cost, follow up for TB tests, and fingerprinting for literacy volunteers. Learn more.

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