Putting a Stake in the Ground for Literacy

Our Sponsor Circle is designed for private, public, individual, and corporate philanthropy to join our movement and say “reading success matters!”

With exclusive access to forums and opportunities to learn and stay connected to the field, we are building a circle of organizations, companies, and individuals committed to supporting Oakland students.

Our Sponsor Circle is given special recognition on our website and other materials for championing our shared vision of making Oakland a city where every child learns and loves to read.

Become a sponsor today to Learn, Collaborate and Champion Literacy with Oakland Literacy Coalition!

Why Sponsorship?

  • Learn

    * Specialized opportunities and forums for learning and updates from the field.

    * Access to online resources for learning.

    *Tailored quarterly updates from the OLC.

  • Collaborate

    * Exclusive opportunities to connect with other sponsors and funders.

    *Connect with local literacy organizations, educators, and leaders.

    *Volunteer and other opportunities to take action to support literacy success.

  • Champion

    *Recognition of our sponsors on our website and other materials.

    *Opportunities to champion early literacy priorities.

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