Recommended Websites for Families

We highly recommend these resources to help you support your child’s reading development.

Home Reading Helper

Home Reading Helper

An easy-to-use tool for families to help support young readers.

Find resources on how to help your child learn to read organized by grade (PreK-3) and skill area.

Short videos help break down the different reading skills that students are learning in school so parents can understand what they are, why they are important, and how to help your child develop them.

This extensive resource from Read Charlotte can be translated into over 100 languages.

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OUSD Academic Milestones

Oakland Unified School District - Academic Milestones

See how your child is progressing throughout the school year in literacy and math.

These milestones name critical literacy and math skills for each grade PK-5 that build on each other and prepare students for achievement in the next grade and beyond. The milestones do not cover all of the content students need to learn, but should be prioritized by educators, parents, and caregivers in supporting all children to become proficient readers, writers, and mathematicians.

The OLC worked with OUSD on the development of the literacy academic milestones in 2020.

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Our Member Network organizations are offering a range of engaging and high quality programs to support learning at home:

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