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Fluent Seeds 

FluentSeeds goal is to make sure every child can read fluently by third grade, with mastery in the proven five essential components to reading: phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension. The FluentSeeds educational model, called SEEDS, is based on the idea that school readiness is more than just memorizing letters and learning their sounds. It’s about the interactions that develop between children and adults.

Fluent seeds is hiring for Early Literacy Reading Tutors to assist in developing and improving TK – 2nd grade students’ early literacy skills. Tutors are trained in research-based early literacy strategies and collaborate with classroom teaching staff, and coaches to provide reading instruction driven by benchmark and progress-monitoring data increasing the number of children on target with early reading predictors.

Early Literacy Tutor 


Children Rising

Children Rising is looking for volunteers to help elementary school children achieve literacy through our Succeeding by Reading program. No experience is necessary; we supply training and teaching materials. Our tutors work one on one with students from under-resourced Oakland area schools who’ve been identified by their teachers as reading below grade level. The time commitment is 2 hours every week during school hours, as a part of an onsite tutor team. A staff member oversees each team and provides ongoing support. We will abide by school district COVID safety measures.

Apply online and email to learn more.

Volunteer Reading Tutor

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